Army & Coop

Director:  Dennis Hefter

Screenwriter:  Dennis Hefter

Genre:  Comedy


When Mike “Army" Armstrong, a down and out NHL tough guy, is suspended from the league, he uses his time off to embark on a beer-fueled, skirt-chasing struggle against old foes to win back his ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, however, he must overcome his greatest adversary – himself.


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Arlo The Burping Pig

Director:  Tom DeNucci

Screenwriter:  Eric Weinstock

Genre:  Family


The new girl in town has a hard time adjusting to school until she makes friends with an adorable piglet, not knowing that the piglet has a secret eructatory superpower that helps her family combat a thief.

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“Guerrilla filmmaking let's anyone become a filmmaker. You just have to find ways to get things done quickly and at no cost.”

                                                                 - Dennis Hefter, Founder of No Clue Entertainment