We are passionate about filmmaking.  Based in Boulder, Colorado, No Clue Entertainment was formed to develop, finance, produce, and distribute independent feature films for the worldwide market.  We seek stories that evoke deep emotions in the form of humor, love, social issues, or popular culture.  


The cost and risk of filmmaking have been substantially reduced based on the quality of digital photography, laptop editing software, and access to technical talent.  No Clue Entertainment has taken advantage of these new technologies in order to develop several independent films from concept through distribution.



Producing a film is no small task.  However, securing distribution is even harder.  With the addition of video-on-demand platforms, filmmakers can now successfully self-distribute their films, maintaining full control.  In fact, through the use of VOD and social media advertising, No Clue Entertainment has successfully self-distributed it films in North America and around the world.






“If you want to make a movie, make a damn movie!  Technology has made it so easy now.”

                                                                - Dennis Hefter, Founder of No Clue Entertainment